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Food Ingredients:

Barley Malt  
Organic malt
Malt Extracts
Specialty Malt
Otebo Beans
Azuki Beans
Marrowfat Peas
Various other dry beans and peas
IP Foodgrade soybeans
Organic Juice Concentrate, NFC juice, Purees
Juice Concentrate, NFC juice and Purees
IQF Blueberries
IQF Vegetables
Dried fruit and vegetable powers
Vegetable juicesVarious Organic and conventional Frozen Fruit
Specialty Canadian and US Raw, creamed or homogenized Honey

Retail Product Line:

Canadian Canned Corn in various sizes,
Low Liquid canned  beans,
Quality canned soups etc.

We are always working on new products or ingredients to add to our product line.

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